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Sr. Kalitnikovskaya 26/27
109029 Moscow
Tel./ fax.: +7 495 514-04-56

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Mixx and Trafficland first in Astrakhan region to launch innovation service of mobile media multicasting.

One of the biggest mobile operators in SMARTS group Astrakhan GSM and mobile media broadcasting aggregator Mixx company launched joint services of interactive multimedia content broadcasting based on Trafficland’s innovative development - WIMcast™ platform (Wireless Interactive Multicast). Mobile media multicasting is fulfilled by WIMcast™ in the way of content-triggers (minimal data packages containing content header or its description) broadcasting and following content download mode.

200 channels to any taste – policy, business, cinema, music, science, work and so on – all mentioned above Astrakhan GSM and Mixx company offers to Astrakhan mobile subscribers. Wide range of thematic channels let subscribers choose channels they are interested in and receive duly and trustworthy information, always being well posted on and receiving only the content of their interest. Mixx’s partners-broadcasters are Reuters, RIA Novosti, France Press, WWF as news channels, O2TV, Playboy as entertainment channels, Avtopanorama, FashionHome as thematic channels and much more. All channels support different types’ content broadcasting – from text news to audio and video files.

JSC Astrakhan GSM – one of the biggest operator in SMARTS group, the first GSM operator in Astrakhan city, supplier of high-quality services in mobile communications. Astrakhan GSM is the unique participant of the market of mobile communication services in Astrakhan region with 100% Russian capital. Taking business as well as a social responsibility the operator supports sponsorship program directed to increase citizens’ standard of well-being.

Mixx Ltd is a team of professionals successfully putting into practice new solutions and challenging ideas for mobile operators, corporate customers, content providers and mobile subscribers. Mixx uses technologies and mobile solutions developed by the leading Russian software house and integrator Trafficland Ltd.

Trafficland Ltd is the leading Russian software house and system integrator for mobile communications and digital networks. Its solutions and services are designed for GSM/UMTS and CDMA mobile network operators, content and service providers, content aggregators. Trafficland develops platforms for OTA administration of subscriber’s smart cards (SIM and RUIM), OTA management of subscriber’s mobile terminals and interactive wireless media multicasting of different types of content (from plain SMS to streaming video) to mobile terminals. Trafficland holds CNEWS AWARDS 2007 prize.


AKOS CJSC and Trafficland LLC announce successful completion of the OTA-campaign aimed for remote changing of the network code (IMSI) inside subscribers’ SIM-cards
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Trafficland Ltd., the leading Russian software house and system integrator for remote management of SIM, USIM, RUIM cards and mobile terminals and the leading Russian cellular operator “MegaFon” announce commercial launch of OTA WiTS™ (Wireless Transaction Server) platform for the operator’s network.

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Trafficland Ltd. is a the leading Russian software house and system integrator for remote management of SIM, USIM and RUIM cards and mobile terminals and leading mobile operator in Krasnoyarsk region and Republic of Khakassia CJSC “Enisejtelecom” (trademark ETK and Wellcom) announce successful integration OTA WiTS™(Wireless Transaction Server) platform into the operator’s network and starting of OTA-campaign by change SIM-menu for ETK subscriber’s SIM-cards.

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One of leading operators in SMARTS group, Astrakhan GSM and MIXX Center of Mobile Multicasting summed up intermediate results of Mobile Multicasting services launched on the base of innovative development of Trafficland Ltd. - WIMcast ™ (Wireless Interactive Multicasting platform).

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