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Sr. Kalitnikovskaya 26/27
109029 Moscow
Tel./ fax.: +7 495 514-04-56

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Trafficland specialists are enough qualified and experienced to render consulting services for choosing type of equipment and technology. Our experts will give you reasonable advice and help you to make an optimal choice, ultimately corresponding to your requirements.
Consulting services may be rendered in various fields:
  • VAS launch on the basis of different technologies for GSM and CDMA networks
  • Development of applications to work in GSM and CDMA networks
  • Development of distributed WEB-based systems optimized for high throughput
  • Assistance in tender preparation and execution aimed in choosing the best suitable offer for GSM and CDMA networks
  • Marketing and elaboration of business-plan for service promotions.
If it is necessary consulting services can be rendered in other areas related to VAS-platforms and IN solutions.

AKOS CJSC and Trafficland LLC announce successful completion of the OTA-campaign aimed for remote changing of the network code (IMSI) inside subscribers’ SIM-cards
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Trafficland Ltd., the leading Russian software house and system integrator for remote management of SIM, USIM, RUIM cards and mobile terminals and the leading Russian cellular operator “MegaFon” announce commercial launch of OTA WiTS™ (Wireless Transaction Server) platform for the operator’s network.

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Trafficland Ltd. is a the leading Russian software house and system integrator for remote management of SIM, USIM and RUIM cards and mobile terminals and leading mobile operator in Krasnoyarsk region and Republic of Khakassia CJSC “Enisejtelecom” (trademark ETK and Wellcom) announce successful integration OTA WiTS™(Wireless Transaction Server) platform into the operator’s network and starting of OTA-campaign by change SIM-menu for ETK subscriber’s SIM-cards.

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One of leading operators in SMARTS group, Astrakhan GSM and MIXX Center of Mobile Multicasting summed up intermediate results of Mobile Multicasting services launched on the base of innovative development of Trafficland Ltd. - WIMcast ™ (Wireless Interactive Multicasting platform).

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